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TWN W4 2016 Annual Conference: Statsbygg and Forsvarsbygg Norway

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Welcome to The Workplace Network

Connecting World Leaders in Public-Sector Real Estate

Who We Are

The Workplace Network is a small, informal group of world leaders in public-sector real estate

What Makes TWN Unique

Our community of global leaders in public-sector real estate contains a wealth of knowledge and experience

How to Join TWN

Existing members can recommend prospective members to the TWN Steering Committee or interested organizations can apply for membership themselves

International Exchange

Staff exchanges are an invaluable way for members to expand their perspective on issues in public-sector real estate and to learn new ways of approaching their work

Latest News


The Workplace Network brings together a worldwide membership. The trends and opportunities for best practice sharing allows for unmatched real property perspective.

Pierre-Marc Mongeau
Being a member of TWN not only gives you a broader understanding but also new valuable contacts and the opportunity to share experience, which can be implemented to develop organisations.
Piia Kallas