Alexandre Perusse, February 14 2023

Partnership opportunities at The Workplace Network

It has been a great start to 2023 in January with the launch of The Workplace Network’s (TWN) Working-Level Group composed of technical experts who are collaborating to advance on public-sector real property priorities such as productivity, occupancy and shared workspaces. These discussions promote knowledge-sharing that helps to inform the future of work in public services.

As chair of the kick-off meeting in January, Canada presented their ongoing work on the Pan-GC Occupancy Dashboard (Canada’s presentation can be found in the Shared Resources section of TWN’s website), which uses network connectivity and other sources of data to report on the occupancy of federal office spaces, in collaboration with partners across the government.

It was great to hear from partners in the United Kingdom (UK), Ireland, Finland, the Netherlands and South Korea, who shared their approaches and challenges to measuring occupancy.

In the coming months, the UK will chair the next workshop on productivity as it pertains to both individual and team effectiveness.

If you have thoughts or opinions, TWN would like to hear them. What are your experiences with occupancy (the number of individuals in a space) and utilization (how long that space is used and for what purpose). Connect with TWN on LinkedIn to become a part of the conversation!

Once again, we thank our partner countries for their collaboration and support for this initiative.

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Alexandre Perusse

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