What Makes TWN Unique

By bringing together and connecting an informal and selective group of world leaders in public-sector real estate, TWN offers its members unparalleled insights into current issues and future trends.

Strategic Networking

Every year, TWN holds an annual workshop to discuss the most pressing and relevant issues facing public-sector real estate professionals around the world. The relationships built at these workshops have been crucial in helping and inspiring the work of our members and their organizations.

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Public Sector Solutions

Our community of global leaders in public-sector real estate brings together a wealth of knowledge and experience. TWN members can tap into a rich pool of international resources and information both at the annual workshop and throughout the year. But beyond the workshop and its strategic networking opportunities, TWN members have access to our comprehensive benchmarking database.

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Positioning for the Future

TWN members gather to discuss the future of public-sector real estate and its changing role in countries around the world. From public-private partnerships to environmental issues and innovative initiatives around officing, governance and public policy, our workshop provides members with an annual forum for discussion.


Conversations resulting from our workshops often continue throughout the year in an informal dialogue between members. Most executives attending our workshops have said they value the opportunity to take what they've learned and apply it to the management and operation of their own organizations.

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