Shared Resources

We all have steps to take in moving our visions into reality. That is why when we share our knowledge and data, we pool our experience, our backgrounds, and our wisdom into creating something stronger that we would have on our own.

In this section, you will find shared resources provided by our member organizations aiming to to build on the strength of this network, and potentially bolster visions and directions.




The Netherlands

This video is an excerpt from RAPPAL21, the first congress meeting dedicated to public property administration in Latin America.

In this video, Stéphan Déry speaks about TWN and the Future of the Workplace in the public sector.

United States of America

Documents of Interest

Documents of Interest

Download: FCS+Solicitation.pdf

Download: PSPC RP5 Resulting contract ENfinal.pdf

Download: PSPC SOW for Full-Service Workplace.pdf

Download: PSPC Workplace Solutions EPS Solicitationmar17.pdf

Download: PSPC Annex B v2.0.pdf

National Public Services Future of Work

Executive summary
(Gartner inc.)

Playbook: Climate Mitigation in Public Sector Real Estate Around the World

This video is an excerpt from the 2022 PuRE-Net annual conference in Riga, Latvia. In this video, Stéphan Déry speaks about TWN and its value in adapting to the public real property environment of the future.

General interest

The Global Government Forum's "Buildings for the future - reworking the public service office for the flexible working era" video.

You can also read the webinar write-up!

TWN Operational-Level Group - Measuring Occupancy.pdf


TWN 2023 Annual Conference Takeaways


Change Management JLL.pdf

Climate and Sustainability Industry
Roundtable Rheaply.pdf

Climate and Sustainability Industry Roundtable Skidmore, Owings Merrill.pdf

Comparison and evaluation of Public
Private Partnership on Public Sector Real
Estate Management and Development
South Korea - KAMCO.pdf

 Industry Roundtable Interior Architects.pdf

Industry Roundtable Perkins Will.pdf

Information and Digital Security United

Member Organization Update Canada.pdf

Member Organization Update Finland.pdf

Member Organization Update France.pdf

Member Organization Update Netherlands.pdf

Member Organization Update South Korea - AURI.pdf

Member Organization Update South Korea - KAMCO.pdf

Member Organization Update United

Member Organization Update United

Presentation of TWN Playbook on Climate Mitigation for Public Real Estate.pdf

State Owned Property Management and Development Inter-American Development

State Property and Building Management
Funds South Korea - KAMCO.pdf

US Facility standards and Green Proving
Ground United States.pdf

USA Workplace Offerings United States.pdf