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TWN meets once a year to share experiences and knowledge on the most pressing issues pertaining to public property, in addition to other topics of interest for real estate managers and policy makers from around the world.

The conference and workshops give members the opportunity to meet in a business-like but informal environment to gain detailed insights into alternative solutions to common problems within the real property landscape.

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TWN Conference

The TWN conference is an international forum of public sector real property professionals. It provides a unique learning environment for the next generation of executives in public sector organizations by facilitating collaboration, sharing best practices and discussing issues of common concern.

Members are encouraged to reflect on the value they derive personally and for their organizations from being part of this worldwide network of public sector real estate professionals.

The WorldWide Workplace Web Worskhop - W4

TWN offers a special, hands-on workshop for rising stars in member organizations. The W4 annual workshop is intended to help these future leaders develop their knowledge and decision-making abilities, and to help them build a network of strategic partnerships with their peers around the world.

In addition to offering great networking opportunities, the annual workshops introduce participants to speakers from around the globe, many of them leaders in the diverse fields of real property. Between workshops, participants can use the network to seek help in resolving problems, share research initiatives and find partners for collaborative ventures.

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Sponsoring organizations gain through development of their future executives and access to a wealth of new ideas.

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