TWN Annual Conference

Our colleagues from the General Services Administration (GSA) will be hosting this TWNs in-person conference. This will be a great opportunity to build relationships, learn from other countries, and discover what we are seeing and doing when it comes to our portfolio plans and adapting to the new post-COVID-19 reality.

The agenda will be shared on site.

Washington, DC, USA April 17-21, 2023

Session highlights include:

Each country to provide an update around:

  1. Workpalce/Return to Office;
  2. Climate & Sustainability;
  3. Change Management;
  4. Data Gathering, Analytics & Metrics

Member Country Updates

Information and Digital Security

Workplace Industry Roundtable

Briefing by the GSA Chief Information Officer on how Information Technology helps enable frictionless business operations.

A table of industry experts discuss both government and private sector experiences, designs, and solutions to the challenges and goals of today’s workplace environment.

US Facility Standards as a Tool /     US Green Proving Ground

Climate and Sustainability Industry Roundtable

A discussion of how facility standards can be used to drive change in large organizations as well as culturally embedding innovation through efforts like the GSA’s Green Proving Ground.

A discussion with both Government and private sector practitioners on topics from Net Zero to the circular economy addressing what we do with what we take out.

A discussion of the tools and offerings that the US GSA has developed to provide integrated workplace solutions. These include

  1. Workplace Investment Feasibility Model (WIFM);
  2. Coworking Model;
  3. Workplace Engagements;
  4. Fast Track Space

US Workplace Offerings

State Owned Property Management and Development presentation by the IDB

The aim is to suggest strategies for effectively managing and developing state-owned properties in nations with inadequate institutional frameworks, governance structures, and expertise, particularly with regards to divestment, leasing and indemnification and be able to help governments' monetization efforts and save taxpayers' money.

TWN Playbook

Change Management

A briefing on the development and results of TWN’s Green Playbook. A multi country effort led by Canadian creating a path forward for appropriate climate and sustainability practices.

A presentation on the need for and the logistics of Change Management as it relates to the uncertainty and volatility associated with workplace strategies and return to office actions.


The objective is to seek various views and actual cases on ways to leverage the strength and resources of both the private and public sectors to achieve a common goal particularly in the state owned property development side. Typically, the public sector provides regulatory oversight, public goods and services and a mandate to serve the public interest while the private sector brings expertise, innovation and financing and try to hear from the floor on various collaborative areas and key success factors where PPP scheme applied in member countries.

Comparison and evaluation of Private/Public Partnership (PPP) on Public Sector Real Estate Management& Development?

Presentation on Data Gathering / Metrics

Presentation & Discussion of State Property & Building Management Funds

A conversation led by the UK that will share their practices and build upon pre-survey results sent to member countries.

The aim is to share uses and sources of state owned property management fund conceived in Korea and attributes to the ongoing success of accumulating US$1 billion a year and ways to create a virtuous cycle from new land acquisition, management & development and divestment