Together, we develop partnerships and exchange ideas, strategies and solutions on everything from public policy and strategic recruitment to sustainability and innovative workplaces. By putting our international knowledge and expertise together, we create innovative solutions and opportunities in public-sector real estate for all our members.

The Workplace Network (TWN) is an exclusive, global community of senior executives in public-sector real estate. Our members are leaders and decision makers from public-sector real estate organizations worldwide: from corporations, institutions and government agencies from across the globe.

Who We Are

Welcome to The Workplace Network

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Our Mission

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  • Provide important connections between senior executives from around the world with business-based approaches to their public sector asset management;
  • Offer an accessible forum that allows senior real property executives to share information, strategies, successes, best practices and lessons learned for the mutual benefit of our community.

Our Objectives

  • Promote the transfer of knowledge and best practices across jurisdictions in the real property field;
  • Provide a context for which senior real property executives are able to network and collaborate;
  • Foster and proactively progress the growth of the real property field;
  • Collaborate to effectively radiate the positives that the membership, as corporate citizens, is able to bring to other jurisdictions and organizations.
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We get together once a year to discuss current issues and future trends in the market and to share ideas, strategies and solutions with each other. This unique, global community of international expertise provides an opportunity for networking and professional growth.

Exchanging Knowledge

TWN hosts an annual conference, learning and development network events and supports international exchange.